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Many ministries jointly prepared mineral thirteen five plan to focus on new materials

Release Date:2015-12-21

Learned from the Ministry of land resources, the Ministry of land and resources is in conjunction with the relevant ministries, the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of Commerce jointly launched the preparation of 45 of mineral resources planning. In accordance with the "stability of oil, gas, coal, Xing controlled uranium" ideas, "45" during the Ministry of land and resources will accelerate the exploration and development of clean and efficient energy resources. The Ministry of land and resources will also be on the "metal mineral varieties 45 to encourage and control the development requirement.

Promote clean and efficient energy and mineral development

"To build a well-off society in an all round way, the development is the top priority, the need to maintain rapid growth in the economy. The high level of the total resource needs to run, to see the economic fundamentals in the face of the support of the development of the mining industry." Ministry of land and resources related to the people.

The source, "45" mineral resources planning will clear the 5 principles: one is to hold the bottom line based on domestic resources security; the two is to adhere to green development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of mining; three is to insist on reform and innovation, enhance the vitality of the development of power; four is to insist on mutual benefit and win-win, deepen international cooperation in mining; five is to insist on resources Huimin, sharing the fruits of development of mining industry.

According to the current planning content, "Thirteen five" period, will be in accordance with the "stabilizing oil, gas, coal, and control of uranium by" ideas, accelerate the clean, efficient energy exploration and development of mineral resources development and utilization, to promote structural adjustment, energy revolution source structure adjustment and production, consumption patterns. Petroleum, natural gas, uranium, shale gas, oil shale has become the direction to encourage, and the exploitation of coal resources will continue to control the scale of.

Strengthen strategic mineral exploration and development

The strategic significance of the development of mineral resources, "Thirteen five" period, China will reshape the mineral resources development and protection strategy.

The source, thirteen five period will establish strategic mineral catalog, strengthen strategic mineral exploration and development, to focus on support in the allocation of resources, capital investment, mining land and major projects etc.. To accelerate the construction of mineral resources exploration and development base, promote the development of scale, and promote the formation of the core area of the protection of national resources security supply. Encourage large-scale management, promote mergers and acquisitions, and promote the development of mining concentration and base, the formation of large enterprise groups.

"There are more than 50 kinds of mineral resources, new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving, environmental protection, biotechnology, information technology and other emerging industries supporting role. Planning will focus on strengthening the domestic capital source, the market potential, with the international market competitiveness of key minerals and effective protection of the rational development and effective protection, extending the industrial chain, promote the development of strategic emerging industries in China, to enhance the international competitiveness of high-end industries." The person who pointed out that the "Thirteen five" period, the orderly development of rare earth resources, protection of rare rare metal resources, encourage the development and utilization of lithium and other energy mineral resources protection, strengthen the quality of graphite.

Metal mineral, thirteen five period will stabilize the domestic iron ore supply capacity, promote the fair tax burden, reduce land, mining rights acquisition costs, reduce the burden on enterprises to improve the domestic iron ore, domestic iron ore enterprise competitiveness. The metal varieties, moderately expand the scale of copper, aluminum, nickel, lead and zinc resources shortage of mineral development, control the development intensity, the protective development of tungsten tin antimony and other specific minerals, strictly control the molybdenum overcapacity of mineral development, encourage the exploration and development of precious metals such as gold and silver ore.

Ministry recently issued the "norms on rare earth tungsten ore prospecting and mining rights management approval notice" requirements, in addition to the three kinds of circumstances, to suspend accepting new rare earth ore prospecting, rare earth ore and tungsten mining registration (including application for expanding the scope of the mining area).

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