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Intensive: the circular economy of the Qijiang North crossing Aluminum Industrial Park

Release Date:2015-12-21

Industrial development is bound to bring pollution?

In the face of the "old", as the old industrial base of Qijiang District, not only more right to speak, but also out of the "new prescription", "drug" treatment practice with traditional illnesses, and the perfect interpretation of the "garbage is a misplaced resource" this sentence.

In July this year, Qijiang north of the aluminum industrial park was officially listed in the Chongqing city of circular economy pilot park and Chongqing aluminum industry building base.

"Bei Du aluminum industrial park around the" joint venture ", out of a recycling economy development path." Qijiang party secretary Pan Yiqin said, Qijiang is leading the green development, let the old industrial base revitalizing.

A19 enterprises realize the resources in the park

Use of large circulation

In December 7th, the clear Qi River along Qijiang flowing quietly, and not far from the North Industrial Park "crossing the busy scene of aluminum joint venture" catch production, forming a "harmonious contrast static action".

Within the park, the Department of aluminum plant will be able to power aluminum surrounded. Last year, in the "core" of the position of the flag can be electric, for the exchange process to provide 150 thousand tons of aluminum. Huicheng to be processed into Aluminum Alloy, sold to downstream enterprises, attract downstream Aluminum Alloy intensive processing enterprises nearby manufacturing products.

The electricity generation of fly ash, slag, gypsum and other industrial products, attract the production of concrete, wall panels of building materials enterprises Peng Kun, the formation of energy-saving environmental protection industry cluster.

"This is the formation of the" coal - electricity - aluminum "recycling industry chain." The relevant responsible person said, this is a resource recycling industry chain structure, not only optimize the economic development space, but also attract investment to promote industrial cluster development.

According to reports, the current North Du aluminum industrial park has been settled in Chongqing can group power aluminum, aluminum, Singapore, Mcdas North Foshan aurum-o group and other 19 enterprises, the basic realization of large resources recycling park.

The responsible person said, the use of resources within the park to the big circle, so that the business of raw materials to obtain the nearest sales, supporting services to provide the nearest, logistics costs to achieve the minimum, so that the industry cluster in the market more competitive.

More importantly, the formation of a large circle of circular economy, the realization of the aluminum industry from the aluminum production to aluminum primary products to aluminum plate, aluminum profile and the complementary and extension of the downstream industry chain.

B significantly enhance the park "treasure"

Enterprise comprehensive benefit

The development of circular economy, the biggest feature is the implementation of the "waste recycling, reduction, recycling, turning waste into treasure, enhance the value of.

As the North Industrial Park leading enterprises cross aluminum's electricity aluminum, the annual production of wastewater, coal cinder, dust and other direct sales to park building materials, chemical fertilizer enterprises producing hollow brick, chemical fertilizer, the annual income of tens of millions of dollars, the enterprise also can use its steam production, greatly reduce the cost, the effective use of resources.

At the same time, it can be a new technology for the creation of an accurate sense of resistance, compared with the same type of electrolytic cell, 1 tons of electrolytic aluminum liquid, can save more than 1000 kwh.

Tian Jun, chairman of the board of directors, said the circular economy to make the enterprise in the park between the supply and demand, in order to achieve the comprehensive utilization of waste, but also achieve the industrial clustering development.

The largest cost of electrolytic aluminum in the electricity, while Qijiang has built an annual output of 10 million tons of coal base. This means that the park will be able to achieve the nearest production of energy, the nearest coal chemical development mode, to achieve coal supply, to achieve direct supply of aluminum.

The power company's aluminum, aluminum liquid enough and direct supply mode can reduce the casting production process, reduce the loss of 2% - 5%, this one to the downstream enterprises to save electricity, labor, logistics costs about 800 to 1000 yuan / ton.

"The circulation not only includes the big circle in the park, but also includes the small circle inside the enterprise." The relevant responsible person said, the north of the aluminum industrial park, waste water, waste residue, waste gas, product realization of the big circulation and in situ digestion, and transformed into the downstream material sources, so that the enterprise comprehensive benefits increased significantly, a feed multi-layer extraction, but also greatly reduce the cost.

C recycling economy boost old industrial base


Qijiang industry has been brilliant, heavy industry level in the Southwest (District) level first; also once a loss, faced with a single industry structure, high resource dependence, weak product market competitiveness and other huge pressures and challenges.

"In the past, the Qijiang industry mainly relies on coal and gear two major industries as the leading, by the macroeconomic and overcapacity, Qijiang coal volume and price Qi, energy industry output value increased sharply, the gear industry has also been a serious impact, actively cultivate leading industries, so that the old industrial base in Qijiang Province and vitality, and take the road of transformation and upgrading is imperative." Qijiang District, responsible person.

Forced reform, reform and development. Foster leading industries, and promote the transformation of the development of the internal needs, forced Qijiang to explore the development of circular economy model.

Qijiang aimed at the north of the aluminum industrial park with logistics, aluminum industry, infrastructure facilities, rich resources and other advantages, to build a circular economy industrial chain, focus on industry chain project and extension of the project, and promote the development of industrial associations in the park, effectively improve the park leading

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